Lady Mary by Lucy Worsley

Posted on April 28, 2018  in History

I love historical novels and really enjoyed reading the Roman Mysteries series. Over Easter I read a book called Lady Mary; it was written by a TV historian, Lucy Worsley. It is about the life of Mary I as a child before and after her parents’ divorce. It reaches to the point of Jane Seymour’s death. I like it because it takes a different point of view on “Bloody Mary”. It shows how she suffered after her parents’ divorce. She is brave and tries to be better than her nemesis, Anne Boleyn, by withstanding torture and betrayal but knowing that if she dies she will let down her mother. This will have a huge impact on her future, contributing to Anne Boleyn’s beheading…


Lady Mary is more historically accurate compared to the Roman Mysteries, so you learn more about history while reading and I like that. I recommend it and would definitely like to read other books written by Lucy Worsley.


Lady Mary


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